We’re operating as normally as possible whilst observing UK Government workplace and social distancing guidelines. There are some restrictions and new operational procedures in place. Full details will be sent as part of the booking process or please get in touch if you have any specific questions. The main points to bear in mind are:

  • The single most important thing everyone can do is to follow the Government advice including self-isolation if they believe they are currently infected with coronavirus or they have recently come into contact with someone infected with coronavirus.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone who falls into one of these categories or who has been asked to self-isolate by the Government’s track and trace service travel to the studios.
  • All staff and visitors should wear face coverings in communal areas. In line with UK Government advice, we also recommend that appropriate PPE is worn within booked studio areas where people need to get closer than 2 metres to each other.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in advance, crew sizes are limited to a maximum of 15 people, including any talent / clients etc.
  • Studio 3 is currently unavailable due to social distancing rules.
  • We have put in place new measures to support our customers and colleagues including hand sanitiser stations,  social distancing markers and enhanced cleaning operations.
  • When you sign in, we ask for additional details and also request your permission to pass this on to the UK Government’s track and trace operation if they ask us to do so. As per current Government guidance, this information is destroyed 21 days after you leave the studio.