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AWS – Opening Very Soon!

Currently in development, Alconbury Weald Studios will be a multi-studio offering in a former RAF munitions store featuring:

Studio 1

Large studio with background system and the ability to build your own sets

Studio 2

Large studio draped floor to ceiling (4.4m) with black stage curtains.

Studio 3

Vocal booth / product studio / multi purpose space

Kitchen / Food Prep Area

Seperate kitchen / food Prep / cooking areas to allow for continuous shooting

Outdoor Shooting Space

Plenty of space for any outdoor shooting if your shoot spills outdoors or require natural light!

Break area / Dressing Room / Shower Facilities

Break area to have lunch and more importantly, coffee breaks!

Plenty of parking

Plenty of parking available right by the building so no need to drag kit for miles!

Vehicle Access

Large doors so you can back your vehicle right into the studios and unload from there!

Dressing Room / Shower Facilities

Dressing room for anyone needing hair / makeup / outfit changes with shower facilities available.

Studios 1 & 2 will be suitable for both filming and photography. The kitchen set in Studio 2 will also make an ideal venue for food product launches, market research or similar uses.

If you have products that you would like featured either on the kitchen set or in wider programming through our partnership with Simply Good Food TV, please just drop us a line at info@alconburywealdstudios.com

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to us about any of your video or photography requirements, head over to C1 Media.